Justin Roberts

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https://i0.wp.com/www.wwe.com/f/styles/superstar_profile/public/talent/profile/2012/02/justinroberts_1_full.pngJustin Roberts achieved his lifelong dream of wanting to be a ring announcer for WWE when he was hired for the Smackdown brand in 2002. He also announced for ‘B shows’ like Velocity and Heat before becoming the permanent ring announcer for the new ECW, before swapping with Tony Chimel to return to Smackdown.

Roberts big moment came at Wrestlemania 24 when he introduced the competitors for the World Heavyweight Championship match between Edge and The Undertaker

One of his most notable appearances as ring announcer for Raw came on during the debut of the Nexus. Whilst trashing the ring and beating up everyone around it, Daniel Bryan turned his attentions to Roberts who tore off his shirt and tie and strangled him with the latter. This got Bryan briefly fired from the company as it was deemed too extreme for PG TV product.

Roberts was released from his contract in October 2014 after allegedly failing to agree new terms on a new contract with WWE.


Jane Geddes became the VP of Talent Relations in WWE in September after working for the LPGA Tour since 2007, first as Senior Director of Tournament Business Affairs then as Vice-President of Competition, and later promoted again to Senior Vice President of Tournament Operations and Players Services.

She was also a talented professional golfer in her 20 year career winning two major Tour Championships; U.S. Women’s Open in 1986 and the Mazda LPGA Championship in 1987.

Since John Laurinaitis resigned as EVP of Talent Relations it has been had to pinpoint who is in charge of hiring and firing, but it as it’s been reported that Geddes made the phone call to tell AW that he was being let go that Geddes is definitely in charge of firing.

Chuck Palumbo

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Chuck Palumbo made his WWE debut as part of the Alliance with his tag team partner Sean O’Haire, after Vince McMahon took up his contract when he purchased WCW in 2001.

Bringing the WCW Tag Team Titles with them they then entered a feud the APA, which culminated with them losing to Faarooq and Bradshaw at InVasion. Soon after they lost the titles to the Brothers of Destruction in August.

In October, Palumbo was thrown out of The Alliance by Stephanie McMahon after voicing his discontent a thow Alliance members were being treated.

Palumbo then joined the WWE by forming a tag team Billy Gunn. They were given a gimmick that heavily implied that they were having a homosexual relationship, or at the very least, very effeminate.

They were soon joined by there ‘stylist’ Rico who guided them to the Word Tag Team titles by defeating Spike Dudley and Tazz. Just three months later Rico was unwillingly made to team with Rikishi, who beat Billy and Chuck for the gold at Judgement Day 2002. As Rico was one half of the tag team champions, he was to help Billy and Chuck regain the championships less then a month later, but it was all in vein as they lost them once again to Edge and Hulk Hogan.

The relationship between Billy and Chuck went to another level in September 2002 when Chuck proposed to Billy. When it came to the wedding itself they both denounced their homosexuality and admitted it was all a publicity stunt, much to the bemusement of Rico. As a result of this Rico turned on them and helped 3-Minute Warning to victory at Unforgiven.

Chuck Palumbo returned to singles competition after Billy was injured in October.

Reviving a stable from the original ECW, Palumbo alligned himself with Johnny Stamboli and Nunzio. They would go on to have numerous fueds with the likes of Los Guerreros, Chris Benoit, the APA and The Undertaker.

However, Palumbo was drafted to Raw in 2004 and soon given a new gimmick that saw him become a bike mechanic. After winning several matches on Heat he was released in November 2004.

In 2006, Palumbo returned to WWE with a very similar gimmick, but this time as a face, although this time he was accompanied by Michelle McCool. He began a feud with Jamie Noble, in which he began a five match losing streak, in which he started to blame on McCool. This led to a double turn which he once again became a heel.

After the 2008 Draft, he was sent to Raw, but never appeared on the show. He was released from his contract in November 2008.

Snitsky made his debut on Raw on September 13, 2004, when he faced Kane. At the end of the match Snitsky hit the ‘Big Red Machine’ with a chair, this resulted in Kane falling on top of a pregnant (kayfabe) Lita and the loss of her baby.

This made Snitsky a main heel on the roster as he entered a storyline with Kane which culminated in a ‘Weapons of Choice’ match at Taboo Tuesday. During this time Gene became well-known for his catchphrase ‘It wasn’t my fault’.

He was a small part of the ECW invasion storyline in the lead up to ECW One Night Stand 2005 as part of Eric Bischoff’s hired guns to try to ruin Paul Heyman’s reunion show, to no avail.

Snitsky resumed his feud with Kane when he aligned himself with Edge and Lita. The Queen of Extreme reconciled with Snitsky after thanking him for not having to give birth to Kane’s birthday. Edge used Lita’s feet as a reward for helping them attack Kane after he found out about Snitsky’s foot fetish.

His push began to slow soon after and he found himself largely competing on Heat every week. He formed a brief tag team with Tyson Tomko which ended after a losing effort to claim the Tag Team titles from Big Show and Kane.

In early 2007, Snitsky debuted on ECW with a new look. His head and eyebrows was shaved, and his teeth where coloured yellow. He also adopted a more psychotic persona, similar to that of Psycho Sid.

Snitsky attacked Bobby Lashley on his re-debute an went on to have many short feuds with the likes of Hardcore Holly, Rob Van Dam, Balls Mahoney and CM Punk.

Later that year in June, he was drafted back to Raw, and in his final run with the company his only major appearance was in a defeat to John Cena. Shortly after he was sent back to Heat.

On December 11, 2008, Snitsky was released from his contract.

Before debuting in the WWE, Storm cut his teeth in the business all over the world, wrestling in Canada, Mexico and Japan. He then returned to America with ECW and then WCW.

Lance debuted in WWE in 2001 after Vince McMahon’s acquisition of WCW interfering in a match between Perry Saturn and Steve Blackman, as part of the Alliance. During this storyline he captured the Intercontinental Championship from Albert.

After the Invasion angle had finished he joined a heel stable  known as The Un-Americans along with William Regal, Christian and Test. They garnered a lot of animosity from American fans and it was with Christian that he won the Tag Team Championships from Hulk Hogan and Edge at Vengeance.

“The Perfect Storm” would go on to have three more Tag Team Title runs, two with William Regal and one with Chief Morley.

As he entered into a singles career, Stone Cold Steve Austin would be to come out during his matches and ridicule for being a boring wrestler and for having no personality. As General Manager, Austin would force Storm to team with Goldust in an attempt to make him more entertaining. He eventually turned face by teaming with Val Venis, dancing to the ring while being accompanied to the ring by women.

However, this was short lived as he turned heel before a losing effort against Rhyno at the 2004 Draft Lottery. This would be his last appearance on WWE television as he was released from his contract.

Ken Doane debuted in WWE in January 2006 as part of the Spirit Squad, known simply as ‘Kenny’. They aligned themselves with Vince and Shane McMahon as they feuded with DX.

Although largely used as ‘enhancement talent’ when competing against DX they did manage to capture the then World Tag Team Championships when Kenny and Mikey defeated Kane and Big Show. Under the ‘Freebird Rule’ any of the five members of the stable could defend the titles.

During their title run they successfully defended the tag team championship against the teams of Charlie Haas and Viscera, Jim Duggan and Eugene and Snitsky and Val Venis.

After the break-up of the Spirit Squad in July 2007, Kenny was transferred to Smackdown, upon his arrival he became known as Kenny Dykstra and formed a relationship with Victoria, competing in many mixed tag team matches.

His last appearance in WWE was in a losing effort to then WWE Champion Triple H in August 2008.

In November 2008, Dykstra was released from his contract.

In June 2012, Doane has made claims that the reason he was fired was because his then fiance Mickie James was having an affair with married wrestler John Cena. When he and management found out about this he claims he was sent to Smackdown with James and left to sit there until his contract ran out.

Al Snow’s original two year run in WWE saw him compete under numerous forgettable gimmicks such as Avatar and Shinobi. He got his first break as one half of ‘The New Rockers@ with Marty Jannetty.

It wasn’t he left to join ECW that he started to enjoy real success with his ‘Head’ gimmick, it was from this that he was brought back to WWE in 1998.

During his second stint with WWE Snow had several memorable feuds with the likes of the Big Boss Man which involved his supposedly pet dog Pepper, and also his real life friend Mick Foley.

He also formed a popular tag-team with Steve Blackman called Head Cheese and had a memorable run as European Champion in which he mimicked a different stereotype of a European country each week.

Snow had many championship reigns as Hardcore Champion, but his last came when he lost the title to Tough enough series one winner Maven. He starred as a trainer on the show and eventually took up the role full-time at WWE’s former development territory Ohio Valley Wrestling. After WWE ended their partnership with OVW, Snow was released from the company.

Sim Snuka / Deuce

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When Jimmy Reiher Jr. signed for WWE in January 2005, he debuted as ‘Deuce Shade’ in their developmental territory OVW defeating Brent Albright in his debut match.

A year later he started teaming with Dice Domino as part of a team called ‘The Throw-Backs’. They were soon joined by Cherry Pie, and dropped the ‘Shade’, ‘Dice’ and ‘Pie’ part of their names. Soon after Deuce defeated Mike Mizanin to win the OVW Southern Tag Team Championships for his team.

In January 2007, they were called up to the Smackdown! roster, going by the name of ‘Deuce ‘n Domino’. Now with Cherry as their manager they went on to defeat a series of jobber teams in the first few weeks.

Their big chance came soon when they won a non-title match against the then Tag Team Champions, Brian Kendrick and Paul London. This earned them a title shot at No Way Out but it ended up being a losing effort.

However, in April 2007, at the third time of asking they finally captured Tag Team gold from Kendrick and London on an episode of Smackdown!.

They successfully defended the title on two occasions. The first in a triple threat Tag Team match against the teams of London and Kendrick, and William Regal and Dave Taylor, and the second was a special moment for Sim Snuka as they defeated Sgt. Slaughter and his real life Dad, Jimmy ‘Superfly’ Snuka at Vengeance.

Their run came to a halt in June when Domino suffered a genuine broken nose during a match with Cryme Tyme, which kept him sidelined for a month.

After Domino’s return they entered into a short feud with Evolution’s Ric Flair and Batista. Then a storyline with MVP and Matt Hardy saw them lose their Tag Team titles to them on Smackdown! and then fail to regain the at Unforgiven.

Deuce ‘n Domino’s push came to an end with this this loss and they began to appear less and less on Smackdown!. On the few occasions they did appear they faced the likes of Jesse and Festus, Jimmy Wang Yang and Shannon Moore, and Finlay and Hornswoggle.

The last notable incident that happened betwwen them came when they replaced their manager Cherry with Maryse. But after more losses, Deuce became frustrated and punched Domino in the face, thus ending their team in June 2008.

In June 2008, Deuce was sent to Raw as part of the supplemental draft, but it wasn’t until September that he debuted. When he did he acknowledged that his Dad was Jimmy Snuka and that he wanted to be known as ‘Sim Snuka’.

In the weeks that followed he became involved in a storyline that involved several young 2nd and 3rd generation wrestlers such as Cody Rhodes, Ted DiBiase Jr and Manu. They were all looking to prove themselves worthy of becoming a part of Randy Orton’s new stable known as ‘The Legacy’ by passing tests that he set for them.

Snuka was failed his task, but Manu and DiBiase were also angry with Orton for the way they were treated so decided to confront Orton and Rhodes. When they the two groups met in the ring, DiBiase turned on Manu and Snuka, and became the third member of ‘The Legacy’.

Snuka’s last appearance in WWE came as a camerman during the The Undertaker v Shawn Michaels match at Wrestlemania 25, where he failed to catch The Undertaker when he dived over the top rope.

He was released from his contract in June 2009.

Balls debuted WWE’s ECW One Night Stand in June 2005 when he and Axl Rotten assisted ECW wrestlers fight off Smackdown and Raw superstars who gatecrashed the event.

He joined the roster full-time when he became a member of the new ECW brand that was launched in June 2006. In the build up to the launch he and several other ECW wrestlers appeared on Raw and attacked John Cena. The following week he competed in a team battle royal as part ECW’s team against WWE’s team.

At the second ECW One Night Stand pay-per-view Mahoney defeated Masato Tanaka.

After several vignettes were aired, “The Chair Swingin’ Freak” was placed in a rivalry with Kevin Thorn after he cost him some matches against Rene Dupree and Stevie Richards. During a match with Kevin Thorn in January in 2007, Mahoney had his front teeth kicked out.

Balls had a shot at the ECW Championship when he, Tommy Dreamer and Sandman faced Bobby Lashley in a hardcore handicap match, but they were still unable to win.

He then entered gained an unlikely love interest in Kelly Kelly as she began to show sympathy for him after he was beaten by The Miz. In the next few weeks, he was constantly stopped when he tried to express how he felt about Kelly by The Miz, Brooke and Layla. When Kelly eventually asked him out they became an item.

This never materialised into anything serious and over the next coming months was barely seen on television.

On April 28, 2008, the ECW Original was released from his contract.

Eric Escobar

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In September 2005, WWE signed Pérez to a developmental contract with Deep South Wrestling.

When WWE ended their affiliation with DSW, he was sent to FCW but sustained a back injury which but him on the sidelines for several months. Upon his return he won a battle royal for the number one contendership for the FCW Southern Heavyweight Championship.

Pérez then formed a tag team with Eddie Colón and became known as the “The Puerto Rican Nightmares” and the first ever FCW Florida Tag Team Champions.

On December 11, Pérez won the FCW Florida Heavywieght Championship when he beat Sheamus O’Shaunessy (Sheamus),Joe Hennig (Michael McGillicutty) and Drew McIntyre in a fatal four way. Soon after he was repackaged as Eric Escobar. He then performed several dark matches before episodes of Smackdown against Jimmy Wang Yang and Kizarny.

In September 2009, Escobar was called up to the Smackdown roster. He immediately won a place as part of the Smackdown team at Bragging Rights when defeated Matt Hardy in his debut. He was then removed from the team.

Escobar then had a brief run as a face after Vickie Guerrero yelled at him, he was then placed in handicap matches and a match against Kane as punishment by Guerrero.

On January 17, 2010, Pérez was released from his WWE contract.