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Chuck Palumbo

Posted: April 26, 2012 in 2008, November
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Chuck Palumbo made his WWE debut as part of the Alliance with his tag team partner Sean O’Haire, after Vince McMahon took up his contract when he purchased WCW in 2001.

Bringing the WCW Tag Team Titles with them they then entered a feud the APA, which culminated with them losing to Faarooq and Bradshaw at InVasion. Soon after they lost the titles to the Brothers of Destruction in August.

In October, Palumbo was thrown out of The Alliance by Stephanie McMahon after voicing his discontent a thow Alliance members were being treated.

Palumbo then joined the WWE by forming a tag team Billy Gunn. They were given a gimmick that heavily implied that they were having a homosexual relationship, or at the very least, very effeminate.

They were soon joined by there ‘stylist’ Rico who guided them to the Word Tag Team titles by defeating Spike Dudley and Tazz. Just three months later Rico was unwillingly made to team with Rikishi, who beat Billy and Chuck for the gold at Judgement Day 2002. As Rico was one half of the tag team champions, he was to help Billy and Chuck regain the championships less then a month later, but it was all in vein as they lost them once again to Edge and Hulk Hogan.

The relationship between Billy and Chuck went to another level in September 2002 when Chuck proposed to Billy. When it came to the wedding itself they both denounced their homosexuality and admitted it was all a publicity stunt, much to the bemusement of Rico. As a result of this Rico turned on them and helped 3-Minute Warning to victory at Unforgiven.

Chuck Palumbo returned to singles competition after Billy was injured in October.

Reviving a stable from the original ECW, Palumbo alligned himself with Johnny Stamboli and Nunzio. They would go on to have numerous fueds with the likes of Los Guerreros, Chris Benoit, the APA and The Undertaker.

However, Palumbo was drafted to Raw in 2004 and soon given a new gimmick that saw him become a bike mechanic. After winning several matches on Heat he was released in November 2004.

In 2006, Palumbo returned to WWE with a very similar gimmick, but this time as a face, although this time he was accompanied by Michelle McCool. He began a feud with Jamie Noble, in which he began a five match losing streak, in which he started to blame on McCool. This led to a double turn which he once again became a heel.

After the 2008 Draft, he was sent to Raw, but never appeared on the show. He was released from his contract in November 2008.

Ken Doane debuted in WWE in January 2006 as part of the Spirit Squad, known simply as ‘Kenny’. They aligned themselves with Vince and Shane McMahon as they feuded with DX.

Although largely used as ‘enhancement talent’ when competing against DX they did manage to capture the then World Tag Team Championships when Kenny and Mikey defeated Kane and Big Show. Under the ‘Freebird Rule’ any of the five members of the stable could defend the titles.

During their title run they successfully defended the tag team championship against the teams of Charlie Haas and Viscera, Jim Duggan and Eugene and Snitsky and Val Venis.

After the break-up of the Spirit Squad in July 2007, Kenny was transferred to Smackdown, upon his arrival he became known as Kenny Dykstra and formed a relationship with Victoria, competing in many mixed tag team matches.

His last appearance in WWE was in a losing effort to then WWE Champion Triple H in August 2008.

In November 2008, Dykstra was released from his contract.

In June 2012, Doane has made claims that the reason he was fired was because his then fiance Mickie James was having an affair with married wrestler John Cena. When he and management found out about this he claims he was sent to Smackdown with James and left to sit there until his contract ran out.