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Maryse Ouellet first appeared on WWE television as part of the 2006 Diva Search, she didn’t last long as she was the second evictee from the contest. Despite this, WWE saw some potential in her and invited her back to OVW for more trainig.

In September 2006, she appeared in vignettes on Smackdown!¬†in which she welcomed viewers to the show in French. But she had to wait another eight months for her first live appearance on TV when she introduced Timbaland’s new music video on Raw.

By the time she became a regular on TV in early 2008, she had turned into a heel. She competed in various gimmick matches on Smackdown and ECW in swimsuit contests, ‘wet and wild’ and dance-off matches.

After Deuce ‘n Domino dumped their manager Cherry they chose Maryse to replace her. This led to a rivalry with Cherry and Maryse’s debut match on Smackdown! in which she lost, but was victorious in their rematch weeks later. Maryse went on to pick up tag team victories against the likes of Cherry, ¬†Michelle McCool and Kelly Kelly.

“The Sexiest of the Sexy” earned her first Divas Championship at Unforgiven, but lost to the holder Michelle McCool. However, in December 19, 2009, Maryse captured her first divas Championship by defeating McCool on Smackdown.

Maryse went into Wrestlemania XXV the following year still as Divas Champion, but didn’t have to defend her title in a Divas battle royal which was won by Santina Marella.

On April 13, Maryse was drafted to Raw as part of the 2009 WWE Draft, making the Divas title exclusive to Raw and began a rivalry with Mickie James after she cost her a win in a battle royal after James sprayed in the face with hair spray.

At Night Of Champions in July, the French-Canadian lost the Divas title to Mickie James, bringing an end to her 216 day reign as champion, which is still the longest reign to date.

She disappeared from TV for a couple of months in order to fully recover from a knee injury, which required surgery, that she picked up shortly after she had won title.

On November 13, 2009, she returned to action as the guest timekeeper, dressed as the Gobbledy Gooker, for a divas tag team match. When the match had finished she revealed herself and attacked Melina. In the following weeks she defeated both Melina and Gail Kim.

In February 2010, Maryse won her second Divas Championship by pinning Gail Kim in the final of a tournament for the vacated title.

Maryse went into Wrestlemania XXVI as champion yet again, and this time she was victorious in a 10-Diva tag team match.

Her second reign as champion wasn’t as successful as her first as she dropped the title just two months later to Eve on April 12 edition of Raw, and failed to recapture the silverware in her rematch at Over The Limit.

On June 21 on Raw, when Ted DiBiase fired his assistant Virgil, he replaced him with Maryse, although after a while it appeared that Maryse was more enamoured with DiBiase’s money. For the following months, Maryse spent most of her time outside of the ring, mainly accompanying DiBiase to the ring.

In November 2011, Maryse and DiBiase became mentors for Brodus Clay for the new season of NXT. After Clay traded them for Alberto Del Rio to his Pro, Maryse became the co-host of NXT with Matt Striker.

Maryse was released from her contract in October.

Since leaving WWE, Maryse has made a move into the fashion industry with her clothing and jewellery collection called ‘House of Maryse’.

In February 2012, she became engaged to The Miz.