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DJ Gabriel, real name Steve Lewington, got his big break in the WWE after he earned himself a developmental deal, after he impressed during a squash match with Umaga on Raw in April 2006.

He was sent to FCW where he formed a tag team called Terminal Velocity with Chet the Jett. At this this time Lewington was going by the name of Steve Sonic.

Shortly afterwards the team was sent to OVW where they quickly captured the OVW Southern Tag Team Championships, but lost them in September 2007 to KC James and Kassidy James otherwise known as The James Boys.

The team was on the move once again as they made their return to FCW. However, the team was broken up and Lewington found himself a new tag team partner in Heath Miller (Heath Slater).

They reached the final of the tag team tournament to crown the first ever FCW Tag Team Champions but were beaten by Eric Perez (Eric Escobar) and Eddie Colon (Primo), The Puerto Rican Nightmares.

Lewington made his WWE television debut on their new ECW brand as DJ Gabriel in November 2008. He was given the gimmick of someone who liked to dance to the ring. Alicia Fox joined him as his manager and he proceeded to defeat several jobbers over the next couple of weeks. His winning streak even included a victory over fellow Englishman, Paul Burchill.

His good fortune came to an end however after he lost to Mark Henry and then Tyson Kidd. Things then grew worse for Gabriel he lost his manager Fox to Smackdown! in the supplemental draft in April 2009.

Gabriel then returned to FCW, dropping the ‘DJ’ from his name and adopting the gimmick of an English gentleman, but he was storyline suspended and only managed to continue wrestling for the promotion by performing under a mask as Mr. FCW. He eventually won back his place in FCW and switched between the two characters until his release from his contract in January 2010.


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Mike Knox

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Jeff Hardy

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Matt Hardy was most famously one half of The Hardy Boyz with his brother Jeff. Together they became six time WWE Tag Team Champions and on one occasion WCW Tag Team Champion.

Along with The Dudley Boyz and Edge and Christian and their series of TLC matches helped raise the bar and popularity of tag team wrestling. These matches won consecutive PWI Match of the Year awards in 2000 and 2001.

He also had numerous successes as a singles competitor winning the Hardcore, Cruiserweight, European and US Championships. But he achieved his greatest success when he captured the ECW Championship at Unforgiven in 2008.

Matt, along with his brother Jeff, have dubious honour of appearing on this website twice. His first departure came in April, 2005 when he was surprisingly fired when it became public knowledge his then girlfriend Lita and close Edge had an affair.

Towards the end of his second stint in WWE, Matt with his weight as a result of a reccurance of a intestinal injury. He also grew disillusioned with his position in the company and the product itself, even going as far as to ask for his release publicly over Twitter. Matt was granted his release after he was sent home from a European tour in October 2010.