Jillian Hall

Posted: January 8, 2012 in 2010, November
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“The Songstress” debuted on Smackdown in July 2005 when she was introduced as a”fixer” for the tag team MNM. She also had the growth of having a “growth” on the side of her face.

After proving to be successful for MNM, it wasn’t long before JBL tried to convince her to join his Cabinet. She agreed and became his “Image Consultant”. After a losing streak she helped him to overcome The Boogeyman, who bit off her “growth”, and capture the United States Championship from Chris Benoit at Wrestlemania 22.

It was at this time she had her first rivalry, with Stacey Keibler. They fought each other many times until Jillian finished on top with a victory on Velocity.

Shortly afterwards in April 2006, she was fired by Layfield after she accidentally hit him in the face with the door of a cage during a cage match. In the process she turned face and entered a feud with her former employers MNM and came out victorious when she sided with Brian Kendrick and Paul London.

The face turn didn’t really seem to work as she struggled to get over with the fans, so only appeared rarely on TV to take part in Dance and Lingeries contests.

In January 2007, she became jealous of Ashley Massaro’s Playboy spread, therefore turning heel. She tried to prove that she was the more talented by demonstrating her terrible singing skills, even trying to impress Timbaland who turned down an offer to collaborate with her.

At the 2007 WWE Draft, Hall was drafted to Raw. There she started to compete in a variety of tag team matches against the likes of Candice Michelle, Maria and Mickie James.

“The Tone Deaf Diva” also sang on WWE Idol, which was won by Lillian Garcia. This led to a feud between the two as Garcia had a fledgling music career. Jillian also released an album “A Jingle with Jillian” which reached number 20 in the UK Holiday Charts.

Hall then formed a tag team with Melina for several months, but slowly fell into the background as she tended to accompany Melina to the ring rather than compete herself.

She then entered a feud with Kelly Kelly and Mickie James, teaming up with the likes of Katie Lea Burchill and Layla. This rivalry culimaanted at Survivor Series when Jillian was on the winning side of a Raw vs Smackdown10 Diva tag team elimination match.

On the October 12 edition of Raw, Hall won her first Divas Championship when she defeated Mickie James, however she lost it to Melina straight afterwards.

Later, Hall announced that she was taking some time off wrestling to take up the role of a trainer at FCW.

On November 19, 2010, WWE decided not to renew Jillian Hall’s contract.

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