John Morrison

Posted: January 2, 2012 in 2011, November
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John Morrison joined WWE in 2002 when he won Tough Enough III along with Matt Cappotelli. After a few appearances on TV in which he appeared as an assistant to then General Manager Eric Bischoff, he frequently changed his name from Johnny Nitro to Johnny Spade he was then moved to OVW.

While he was there he alligned himself with Melina Perez, he soon became his real life girlfriend. Joey Mercury soon joined them and together they formed a stable called MNM and won the OVW Southern Tag Team Championship and where soon called up to Smackdown.

His most succesful period came when he formed a tag team with The Miz, after a short rivalry with each other, they had a long run as the Tag Team Champions. As well as a successful show called The Dirt Sheet.

The “Shaman of Sexy” had the dubious honour of being the first person to be future endeavoured on television by John Laurinaitis on the November 28, 2011 edition of Raw.

For fans of Morrison, don’t worry, as JR expects him to return to WWE Television in the future.

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